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        Recruitment Made Simple
        Find, track, vet, and hire the best people—all in one platform.
        PC Payroll makes recruiting a breeze.

        Career Site Management

        Job Boards Integration: Direct integration with major job boards, including Indeed, LinkedIn, and Monster. Gain access to over 8,000 job boards nationwide. Announce open positions on social media sites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Manage job listings through our automated system and save time.

        Job Requisition Workflow: Create, manage, and fulfill job requisitions. Sort job requisitions by date and track approval status. Utilize heat maps to gain insight into your current workforce. Tap into this data and recruit the right fit.

        Customized Application Process: Design online applications tailored specifically for the ideal applicant. Align your application process with your internal policies, procedures, practices, and preferences.

        Manager Permissions Settings: Control the access levels and permissions of your hiring managers. Define what they can see or edit. Adjust the visibility of applicant data. Protect your recruiting documents via incomparable security measures.

        Applicant Management

        Applicant Self Service: Allow applicants to complete job applications—and upload their resumes—online.

        Custom Applicant Fields: Add custom questions that are unique to your company and your hiring process.

        Customizable Questionnaire: Prepare job-related questionnaires for applicants to complete.

        Upload Documents to Applicant profiles: Organize applicant data. Keep applicant profiles in one easy-to-access location. ?

        Assign Stages: Establish your own talent acquisition steps. Assign applicants to specific stages of your recruiting funnel.

        Resume Management

        Resume Search: Use keywords to search for a distinct skill or experience within applicant resumes.

        Multi Format Support: The PC Payroll applicant tracking system accepts resume attachments in every format, including DOC, DOCX, RTF, HTML, and PDF.

        Resume Parsing: Analyze, sort, and automatically extract key information ?from resumes and CVs. Build insightful candidate profiles.


        Applicant Checklists: Create internal (managers) or external (applicant) checklists to ensure nothing falls through the cracks during the vetting and pre-hire stages.

        Custom Forms: Develop your own forms for applicants or hiring managers to complete. Upload an existing PDF and make changes online.

        One Click to Hire: Our unified recruitment solutions make hiring a breeze. Convert an applicant to an employee with just one click.

        Background Checks: Initiate background checks without leaving the application database. Get immediate results. Store background check information indefinitely.

        Share Candidates: Review, select, and share qualified resumes with relevant people in your organization. Make sound hiring decisions based on team input.

        Interview Scheduling: Set up interviews from directly within the applicant profile. Send calendar invites to applicants or members of your team.

        Applicant Notes: Take notes while moving the candidate through the hiring stages. Return to your notes as needed.

        Automated Services

        Notifications: Choose from a plethora of email notifications. Simplify communications with candidates and members of your team.

        Archive Unqualified Applicants: Archive potential bad hires. The data is never deleted; you can recover it on command.

        Email Functionality: Streamline applicant communications via email templates. Encourage greater transparency by allowing candidates to message you.

        Auto-Response: Don’t miss out on the chance to convey a positive first impression. Send applicants an engaging auto-response email ?that will keep you top of mind.


        Time To Hire Report: Measure time-to-hire and reduce cost-per-hire across departments, locations, and business units.

        Map View: Filter job applicants and potential hires based on location.

        Export Data: Export all types of data in multiple formats, including CSV, XLX, XLSX, PDF, HTML, XML, and TXT.

        Customization: Reduce reporting complexity. Generate custom reports from a single source.

        EEO Compliance: PC Payroll recruitment tools collect the information you need to comply with EEO requirements.


        We’re happy to answer your questions and see how we can help.?Contact us?to schedule a free, 30-minute consultation call.

        "My favorite part of PC Payroll's recruitment module is keeping all of our applicants info in one place, ease of managing them and being able to quickly filter for needed information. It streamlined our talent management process, saved us time and money. I would highly recommend PC Payroll to my friends."
        "Running a business involves so much. Aside from taking care of my payroll, PC Payrolls fabulous online software provides me with so many HR capabilities, helping me screen new employees and keep track of their benefits. They even report new hires to the state for me! PC Payroll takes care of all the nitty-gritty details, allowing me to focus on running my business and satisfying my customers."
        Care to Care
        "Managing recruitment is not an easy process by itself, but with PC Payroll we are able to handle talent search, applications, interviews, background checks and hiring - all in one place. It is easy and transparent."
        "A single cloud-base solution with recruiting, on-boarding, and full employee management cycle is what we were looking for. With PC Payroll, our recruitment process is seamless now, it saves us time and resources while keeping all the records in order. We are way more efficient and compliant now."
        Sign up for a free demo!